School Year 2019-2020

Week of August 26th - 29th

US II History Introduction

Code of Behavior Review and Test

Code of Behavior Test on Wednesday, August 28th or Thursday, August 29th

Weekly Question: What is your favorite State in America?  Why? Give 3 facts about it.  What is your least favorite State in America?  Why? Give 3 facts about it.   

Due Wednesday, August 28th


You must  WRITE DOWN the above QUESTION(S) along with ANSWER(S) on an INDEX CARD (Any size card)... please include your FIRST and LAST NAMES along with CORE NUMBER (Due Wednesday...place in "Weekly Question Mailbox."  Also, all answers must be completed in full sentences...no "bullets."


Week of September 3rd - 6th

"Time-Capsule" project (Due Friday, September 6th)

Weekly Question: How did the physical features (geography) and diverse climates of the United States dictate each of the seven regions' settlement and population growth? (Hint: Food, clothing & shelter)  Also, how about the "noncontiguous" states? Which regions grew faster? Why, explain?

(Due Friday, September 6th)

Textbook Class-Work: 2 Worksheets & Map/Cities (Covering pages 12-31)... to be placed in Green-folder 

(Due Friday, September 6th)


Week of September 9-13th

Weekly Question: Which region in the United States would you moved to in order to make your first million dollars as an entrepreneur?  Why?  What kind of business would you have?  What resources would you need? 

(Due Wednesday, September 11th)

Textbook Class-Work: 2 Worksheets on Regions (Covering pages 12-31)... to be placed in Green-folder 

(Due Friday, September 13th)


Week of September 16th - 20th

Weekly Question: What is the difference between a "primary source" and a "secondary source" when studying history?  Give an example for each.  Which source, "primary" or "secondary" is more reliable? Explain why? Can they both be reliable?  Can they both be unreliable? Why or why not?

(Due Wednesday,  September 18th)

"Amusement Park Region Poster Project" 
(Due Thursday, September 19th)

  Friday, September, 20th,  Quiz on Regions


Week of September 23rd - 27th

Weekly Question: Which state had the most number of slaves before and after the Civil War?  Which state had the least number of slaves before and after the Civil War? Also, explain the 13th, 14th & 15th Amendments. 

(Due Wednesday, September 25th)

Quiz on 13th, 14th & 15th Amendments
(Friday, September 27th)

Classwork: Textbook page 43 Questions 2, 3 & 4 

(Write questions and answers on a sheet of paper then place in Green-folder)

(Due Friday, September 27th)


Week of September 30th - October 4th

Weekly Question: What beliefs do Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee & Frederick Douglass have in common?  How do all three of these leaders differ in thought?  Explain. Also, which one of the three do you think was the best leader and why? 
(Due Thursday, October 4th)

Green-folder: Write 3 diary entries, at least 60 words each (One as a Northerner, White Southerner & Ex-slave/new citizen living during the Reconstruction Period).  
(Due Thursday, October 3rd)

Quiz on Friday, October 4th (Lincoln, Lee & Douglass)


Week of October 7th - 11th

Weekly Question: Which came first “Black Codes” or “Jim Crow Laws?” Which of the "Black Codes" the was worst?  Explain why?  Also, which of the "Jim Crow Laws" was the worst?  Explain why?  Finally, is there ever a time when separate but equal is good?  Explain why or why not? 
(Due Thursday, October 10th)

Scan-tron Test on Wednesday, October 9th
Study Your "Reconstruction" Review Packet 3a-c

Computer Test on Friday, October 11th
Study Your "Reconstruction" Review Packet 3a-c

Green-folder Work: Sharecropping Worksheet
(Due Friday, October 11th)


Weekly Question: What does assimilate mean?  When is assimilation good?  When is it bad?  How were American Indians assimilated into our culture?  Name one successful native American Indian that became a citizen. Name one notable native American Indian that did not assimilate.  What year did all native American Indians become officially citizens? Are you surprised? Why or why not?

Due Friday, October 18th

Green-folder Work: Textbook page 61 Questions 1-5. (Write-out all questions and answers on plain sheet(s) of paper.)

Due Friday, October 18th

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