School Year 2019-2020

Week of August 26th - 29th

US II History Introduction

Code of Behavior Review and Test

Code of Behavior Test on Wednesday, August 28th or Thursday, August 29th

Weekly Question: What is your favorite State in America?  Why? Give 3 facts about it.  What is your least favorite State in America?  Why? Give 3 facts about it.   

Due Wednesday, August 28th


You must  WRITE DOWN the above QUESTION(S) along with ANSWER(S) on an INDEX CARD (Any size card)... please include your FIRST and LAST NAMES along with CORE NUMBER (Due Wednesday...place in "Weekly Question Mailbox."  Also, all answers must be completed in full sentences...no "bullets."


Week of September 3rd - 6th

"Time-Capsule" project (Due Friday, September 6th)

Weekly Question: How did the physical features (geography) and diverse climates of the United States dictate each of the seven regions' settlement and population growth? (Hint: Food, clothing & shelter)  Also, how about the "noncontiguous" states? Which regions grew faster? Why, explain?

(Due Friday, September 6th)

Textbook Class-Work: 2 Worksheets & Map/Cities (Covering pages 12-31)... to be placed in Green-folder 

(Due Friday, September 6th)


Week of September 9-13th

Weekly Question: Which region in the United States would you moved to in order to make your first million dollars as an entrepreneur?  Why?  What kind of business would you have?  What resources would you need? 

(Due Wednesday, September 11th)

Textbook Class-Work: 2 Worksheets on Regions (Covering pages 12-31)... to be placed in Green-folder 

(Due Friday, September 13th)


Week of September 16th - 20th

Weekly Question: What is the difference between a "primary source" and a "secondary source" when studying history?  Give an example for each.  Which source, "primary" or "secondary" is more reliable? Explain why? Can they both be reliable?  Can they both be unreliable? Why or why not?

(Due Wednesday,  September 18th)

"Amusement Park Region Poster Project" 
(Due Thursday, September 19th)

  Friday, September, 20th,  Quiz on Regions


Week of September 23rd - 27th

Weekly Question: Which state had the most number of slaves before and after the Civil War?  Which state had the least number of slaves before and after the Civil War? Also, explain the 13th, 14th & 15th Amendments. 

(Due Wednesday, September 25th)

Quiz on 13th, 14th & 15th Amendments
(Friday, September 27th)

Classwork: Textbook page 43 Questions 2, 3 & 4 

(Write questions and answers on a sheet of paper then place in Green-folder)

(Due Friday, September 27th)


Week of September 30th - October 4th

Weekly Question: What beliefs do Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee & Frederick Douglass have in common?  How do all three of these leaders differ in thought?  Explain. Also, which one of the three do you think was the best leader and why? 
(Due Thursday, October 4th)

Green-folder: Write 3 diary entries, at least 60 words each (One as a Northerner, White Southerner & Ex-slave/new citizen living during the Reconstruction Period).  
(Due Thursday, October 3rd)

Quiz on Friday, October 4th (Lincoln, Lee & Douglass)


Week of October 7th - 11th

Weekly Question: Which came first “Black Codes” or “Jim Crow Laws?” Which of the "Black Codes" the was worst?  Explain why?  Also, which of the "Jim Crow Laws" was the worst?  Explain why?  Finally, is there ever a time when separate but equal is good?  Explain why or why not? 
(Due Thursday, October 10th)

Scan-tron Test on Wednesday, October 9th
Study Your "Reconstruction" Review Packet 3a-c

Computer Test on Friday, October 11th
Study Your "Reconstruction" Review Packet 3a-c

Green-folder Work: Sharecropping Worksheet
(Due Friday, October 11th)

Week of October 14th - 18th

Weekly Question: What does assimilate mean?  When is assimilation good?  When is it bad?  How were American Indians assimilated into our culture?  Name one successful native American Indian that became a citizen. Name one notable native American Indian that did not assimilate.  What year did all native American Indians become officially citizens? Are you surprised? Why or why not?

Due Friday, October 18th

Green-folder Work: Textbook page 61 Questions 1-5. (Write-out all questions and answers on plain sheet(s) of paper.)

Due Friday, October 18th


Week of October 21st - 25th

Weekly Question: What does "Manifest Destiny" mean? How does it fit into America's "Westward-expansion"...write at least 50 words.

(Due Thursday, Oct. 24th)

Westward Expansion Quiz 4a & b
(Friday, October 25th)

Green-folder Work: Textbook page 61 Questions 6 & 7

(Due Friday, October 25th)


Week of October 28th - November 1st

Weekly Question: What is the Dawes Act?  Who did it help?  Who did it hurt?  Who is Crazy Horse?  Who is General Sheridan?  Who is Chief Joseph?  Who is General Custer?  Who is Geronimo?  Who is Sitting Bull?  How did each feel about the "Westward Expansion" in the Great Plains?   

(Due Friday, November 1st)

Green-folder Work: Textbook page 61 Questions 8-12

(Due Friday, November 1st)

Westward Expansion Quiz (2a & 4a-e)
(Go over your Westward Expansion Review Packet)

Wednesday, October 30th


START Quarter 2

Week of November 5th - 9th

(No School Tues., Nov. 5th & Wed., Nov. 6th)

Wednesday, November 7th  Westward Expansion Scantron Test

Thursday, November 8th Westward Expansion Computer Test

Friday, November 9th 
Washington, D.C. "Monument Field Trip"

No Weekly Question 


Week of November 11th - 16th

(Holiday-Veteran's Day Mon., Nov. 11th)

Wednesday, November 13th Student Led Conferences 

No Weekly Question


Week of November 18th - 22nd

Green-folder Work 
Textbook page 101 Questions 1-4

Due Friday, November 22nd

Industrialization Quiz 2b/4b-d

Friday, November 22nd

Weekly Question: What are some differences between immigrants and settlers?  What are some similarities between immigrants and settlers?  Which of the two would you say risked more coming to America? Explain. (30 words or more)

Due Friday, November 22nd


Week of November 25th - 26th

No school from 27th - 29th

NO Weekly Question

Have a happy THANKSGIVING!!!


Week of December 2nd - 6th

Weekly Question: What does industrialization mean?  Identify one good thing about industrialization and one bad thing about industrialization.  What kind of world would we live in without factories?  Which one the following big business leaders (John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt & J.P. Morgan) was the most important of all when it comes to making America an industrial power?  Explain.  Also, who was the least important?  Explain. 

(Due Friday, December 6th)

Green-folder Work/Textbook page 101 Questions 5-8
(Should complete this in class)

(Due Friday, December 6th)

Quiz on Industrialization & Immigration 

(Due Friday, December 6th)


Week of December 9th - 13th

Weekly Question: Name the automobile maker that made "Assembly-line" work famous.  How did this approach to production help both consumers & businesses?  If you had a choice of working on an assembly-line or by yourself which one would you prefer?  Why?  Explain? Also, which approach would produce the most items?  Why? Explain?  Which approach would have the best quality items produced?  Why?  Explain? 

(Due Friday, December 13th)

Green-folder: Textbook page 101 Questions 9-11

(Due Friday, December 13th)

Game-board: Industrialization & Immigration

(Due Thursday, December 12th) 

Industrialization & Immigration Computer Test (4b-d)
Study Review Packet

Friday, December 13th


Week of December 16th - 20th

Weekly Question: How did the use of electricity change the lives of Americans in the early 1900's?  Name and explain 10 household inventions that continue to make our daily chores easier.  What invention today that requires electricity is your favorite?  Why?

Good news, our history textbook may be accessed online...

Textbook via online: 4myclass.com 

Select: social studies online textbook

Username: LakeridgeS

Password: 22192S

Choose: USII Textbook

enjoy the reading!!!

Green Folder Work: Factory with "Assembly-line" Poster  (Due Thursday, December 19th) 

NO Quiz...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year





Week of January 6th - 10th 

Weekly Question: List at least 4 accomplishments of Theodore Roosevelt.  What did he suggest America carry?  Also, how should America speak? Now, by answering these these two questions can you deduct Theodore Roosevelt's most famous saying?  What do you think it means?  (Hint: page 120 in textbook)

Due Friday, January 10th

Green-folder Work: Textbook page 129 Questions 1-3

Due Friday, January 10th


Week of January 13th - 17th

Literary Circles Project "Truce" (Due Friday, Jan.17th)

Weekly Question: What is isolationism?  When World War I began why was America at first in favor of isolationism? Why did America enter the war?  Do you think it was a wise choice to join the fight?  (Due Friday, Jan. 17th)

DBQ/A Test "Captains of Industry" 
(Monday, Jan. 13th & Tuesday, Jan. 14th)

Green-folder: Textbook page 129 Question 6
(Due Friday,Jan. 17th)


Week of January 21st-24th

Literary Circles "Truce"
(Chapters 1 & 2 Due Friday, Jan. 24th)

Weekly Question: What was the "Zimmermann Telegram" about?  Who sent it?  How did Americans react to it?  Explain in at least 30 words or more.  (Hint: Textbook page 124)
(Due Friday, Jan. 24th)

Spanish-American War & WWI Quiz 5a-c 
(Friday, Jan. 24th)



Week of January 27th - 31st

Weekly Question: Explain "The Treaty of Versailles" and why America did not sign it?  What is meant by reparations?  Also, explain why President Woodrow Wilson proposed his "Fourteen Points" at the end of World War I?  If Germany could choose between these two proposals, which one do you think they would pick?  Why?

Go over your Spanish-American & World War I Review Packet for Scantron Test on Friday, January 31st

Create two posters identifying the Allied Powers & Central Powers

Due Friday, January 31st


Week of February 3rd - 7th

Weekly Question: What day and time did World War I officially end?  What was "Armistice-Day" and what is it called today? How many people died in "The War to End All Wars?" What significant disease did our soldiers bring back to America after World War I that killed thousands of people and could this happen again? Explain why and how?

Go over Spanish-American Review Packet 5a-c for 
Computer Test on Friday, February 7th

Green-folder Work: Monday, February 3rd 
Allied Powers & Central Powers Posters are DUE 


Week of February 10th - 14th

Weekly Question: How did the "Roaring Twenties" get its name?  What were the years? Did World War I help create the "Roaring Twenties" in America?  Explain, why or why not? 

(Due Friday, February 14th)

Green-folder Work: Textbook page 145 do Questions 1-4 

(Due Friday, February 14th)

Library Project: 1920s and 1930s Literature, Art & Music 

(Due Friday, February 14th)


Week of February 17th - 21st 

Weekly Question: What are business stocks? Why do people purchase them?  How do they help businesses?  Would you ever buy business stocks?  Why or why not?  Explain. 

(Due Friday, February 21st) 

Green-folder: Textbook page 145 Questions 5, 6 & 7

(Due Friday, February 21st) 

"Roaring Twenties" Quiz 6bc

(Friday, February 21st)

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