Week of August 27th - 31st

Aug 31, Friday  (Code of Behavior Test)


Week of September 4th - 7th

Sept 7, Friday (USA Map Quiz)

Weekly Question: What is your favorite state in America and why?  What is your favorite city in America and why? (Due Thursday, September 6th)

Textbook pages 14-27: (Using your composition book or spiral notebook list those cities hallmarked (talked about) in the reading while giving one fact about each of them. (Due Thursday, September 6th PLEASE NOTE,  these textbook pages are to be worked on and completed during class.)


Week of September 10th - 14th

Weekly Question: What region in the United States would you moved to in order make your first million dollars as an entrepreneur?  Why?  What kind of business?  Who would be your customers?  (Due Thursday, September 13th)

Composition Book/Textbook: Read pages 12-27 then answer in your "Comp Book"or notebook Questions 1-15... happy exploring.

September 14th, Friday (Quiz on USA Region)


Week of September 17th - 21st

Weekly Question: Which state had the most slaves before and after the Civil War?  Explain the 13th, 14th & 15th Amendments. (Due Friday, September 21st)

Composition Book/Textbook: Answer Questions 1-9 (Due Friday, September 21st)

Quiz on Friday, September 21st (13th, 14th & 15th Amendments)


Week of September 24th-28th

Weekly Question: What beliefs do Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee & Frederick Douglass have in common?  How do all three of the above differ in thought?  Which one is the best and why? (Due Friday, September 28th)

Composition Book/Textbook: Write 3 diary entries, at least 60 words each (One as a Northerner, White Southerner & Ex-slave/new citizen).  (Due Friday, September 28th)

Quiz on Friday, September 28th (Lincoln, Lee & Douglass)


Week of October 1st-5th

Weekly Question: Which "Black Code" was the worst?  Explain why?  Also, which "Jim Crow Law" was the worst?  Explain why?  Finally, is there ever a time when separate but equal is good?  Explain why or why not?  (Due Friday, October 5th)

Composition Book/Textbook:  Create 12 test questions with answers from the "Reconstruction-period." (Due Thursday, October 4th)

Unit Test on "Reconstruction" 3a-c

...on Thursday, October 4th

Study "Reconstruction Review-packet" 

Week of October 8th-12th

Composition Book: Page 61 Do Questions 1-5 (Due Friday, Oct.12th)

Quiz on Friday, October 12th (5 Reasons why the "Westward Expansion" after the Civil War...)

Weekly Question: What does assimilate mean?  When is assimilation good?  When is it bad?  How were American Indians assimilated into America?  Name one successful "American Indian" that became a citizen. Name one notable "American Indian" that did not assimilate.
(Due Friday, Oct. 12th)

Week of October 15th-19th

Composition Book: Page 61 Do Questions 6-12 (Due Friday, Oct.19th)

Quiz on Friday, October 19th (Westward Expansion Review Packet)

Weekly Question: What does "Manifest Destiny" mean? Apply it to America's "Westward-expansion"...write at least 50 words.
(Due Friday, Oct. 19th)


Week of October 22nd-26th

Weekly Question: What is the Dawes Act?  Who did it help?  Who did it hurt?  Who is Crazy Horse?  Who is General Sheridan?  Who is Chief Joseph?  Who is General Custer?  Who is Geronimo?  Who is Sitting Bull?  How did they react to "Westward Expansion" in the Great Plains?  (Due Friday, October 26th)

Composition Book: Vocabulary Strategy Worksheet (Monday); Venn Diagram "American Indian Heroes" (Tuesday); Impact Rows/Column Puzzle (Wednesday) (Due Friday, October 26th)

Scantron Unit Test (2a/4a-e): on Thursday, October 25th (Go over your Westward Expansion Review Packet)


Week of October 29th-Nov 2nd

Weekly Question: What are some differences between immigrants and settlers?  What are some similarities between immigrants and settlers?  Which of the two would you say risked more coming to America? Explain. (At least 30 words) Due Nov 2nd

Composition Book: Create a 12-line poem on "Manifest Destiny." Due Nov 2nd

Computer Unit Test (2a/4a-e): on Thursday, November 1st  (Go over your Westward Expansion Review Packet)


Week of November 5th-9th

Weekly Question: What does industrialization mean?  Identify one good thing about industrialization and one bad thing about industrialization.  
What kind of world would we live in without factories?  4a-e  (Due Nov 9th)


Week of November 12th-16th

Composition Book: Textbook page 101 Questions 1-4 (Due Nov 16th)

Weekly Question: Which one the following big business leaders (John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt & J.P. Morgan) was the most important of all when it comes to making America an industrial power?  Explain.  Also, who was the least important?  Explain.      (Due Nov 16th)


Week of November 19th-20th



Week of November 26th-30th

Industrialization Quiz 4d (Go over Review Packet) Friday, November 30th

Weekly Question: Name three inventions of the 1800's that helped America become an industrial giant.  Also, explain how each of these inventions worked. (Due Friday, November 30th)

Green Folder Work: All Warm-ups & Worksheets must be completed and placed in folder by Friday, November 30th


Week of December 3rd-7th

DBA/Q Review (Tuesday, December 4th)

DBA/Q Test (Wednesday, December 5th)

Green Folder Work: All Warm-ups & Worksheets must be completed and placed in folder by Friday, December 7th

Weekly Question: List and explain 3 good outcomes that came out of the "Industrialization Period" during the 1800's.  Conversely, list and explain 3 harmful outcomes that came out of the "Industrialization Period" during the 1800's.  Are industrial workers better off today then back in the 1800's?  Explain, why or why not? 


Computer Test on Industrialization/Reform 4b-e Thursday, December 13th (Go over Review Packet)

Weekly Question: Name the automobile maker that made "Assembly-line" work famous.  How did this approach to production help both consumers & businesses?  If you had a choice of working on an assembly-line or by yourself which one would you prefer?  Why?  Explain? Also, which approach would produce the most items?  Why? Explain?  Which approach would have the best quality items produced?  Why?  Explain? (Due Friday, December 14th)

Green-Folder Work (Class worksheets, Due Friday, December 14th)


Week of December 17-20

Weekly Question: How did the use of electricity change the lives of Americans in the early 1900's?  Name and explain 10 household inventions that continue to make our daily chores easier.  What invention today that requires electricity is your favorite?  Why?

Green Folder Work: Factory with "Assembly-line" Poster  (Due Thursday, December 20th) 

NO Quiz...

Mr. Woodie wishes all a MERRY CHRISTMAS & Happy New Year! 


Week of January 2-4

Happy New Year & welcome back!  

Weekly Question: List at least 4 accomplishments of Theodore Roosevelt.  What did he suggest America carry?  Also, how should America speak? What do you think is meant by this famous saying? 


Week of January 7-12

Green Folder Work: Bell Ringer Warm-ups & Textbook Worksheets (Due Friday, January 11th)

Spanish-American War Quiz 5a on Friday, January 11th (Multiple-choice)

Weekly Question: Why did the United States go to war with Spain in 1898?  Who started it?  What was the main economic reason? What was the main political reason?  Why and how did journalists promote the war?   Do you think this war was necessary?  Explain.

Also, check-out the new-tab on this web-page "What You Need to Know..."


Week of January 14-18

Literary Circles "Truce" (Chapter 1 Due Friday, Jan.18th)

Weekly Question: What is isolationism?  When World War I began why was America at first in favor of isolationism? Why did America enter the war?  Do you think it was a wise choice to join the fight?  (Due Friday, Jan. 18th)


Week of January 22-25

Literary Circles "Truce" (Chapter 1 Due Friday, Jan.25th)

Weekly Question: What was the "Zimmermann Telegram" about?  Who sent it?  How did Americans react too it?  Explain.  (Due Friday, Jan. 25th)

Spanish-American War & WWI Quiz 5a-c (Friday, Jan. 25th)


Weekly Question: How did the "Roaring Twenties" get its name?  What were the years? Did World War I help create the "Roaring Twenties" in America?  Explain, why or why not? 

Computer Test: Spanish-American War & WWI on Tuesday, Feb 5th 
(Go over Review Packet 5a-d)

Green Folder Work: Bell Ringer Warm-ups & Textbook Worksheets 
(Due Friday, February 8th) 6b

Textbook page 145 do Questions 1-4 (Put in Green-Folder by Friday, February 8th)


Weekly Question: What are business stocks? Why do people purchase them?  How do they help businesses?  Would you ever buy business stocks?  Why or why not?  Explain.  (Due Friday, February 15th) 

Green Folder Work: Textbook Work page 145 Questions 8 & 9 (Due Friday, February 15th) 6b

Library Project: (Starts on Friday, February 15th but not due until next Wednesday, February 20th)


Week of February 19-22

Weekly Question: When and where was the "Dust Bowl" in America?  What caused it? How did people react to it?  What was a "black-blizzard" during this time?  (Due Friday, Feb. 22nd)

Green-Folder Work: Textbook page 145 Do questions 5& 6
(Due Friday, Feb. 22nd)

Paper Doll Project 
(Due Friday, Feb. 22nd)


Week of February 25th - March 1st

Weekly Question: Who was Charles Lindbergh?  What heroic event did he accomplish?  How did this accomplishment impact America as well as the world?  What year did this event happen?  What was the "Spirit of St. Louis?"  What two cities were involved?  What did his father do?  (Due Friday, March 1)

Green Folder Work: "Bell Ringers" (Due Friday, March 1)

Review on "Roaring 20s & Harlem Renaissance"... Go over Review Packet 


Week of March 4-8

Computer Test on "Roaring 20s & Harlem Renaissance"... Go over Review Packet 6a-c
(Wednesday, March 6th)

Game-board Project 
(Due Wednesday, March 6th) 

Weekly Question: What started the "Great Depression?" How long did it last...give the years?  What ended the "Great Depression?"  Who was the U.S. President when it started?  Who was the U.S. President when it ended?  Do you think we could have another "Great Depression?"  Why or why not?  Explain.
(Due Friday, March 8th)


Week of March 11-15

Green-Folder Work

Textbook page 145 Questions 11 & 12 (Plain sheet of paper)

New Deal Poster  (Done in class)

(Due Friday, March 15th)

Quiz on New Deal
(Friday, March 15th)

Weekly Question: Why did America need the "New Deal" after "Black Tuesday" and "Black Thursday" in October of 1929?  What was the "New Deal" all about?  Under which United States president did the "New Deal" begin?  List 6 facts concerning the "New Deal."

(Due Friday, March 15th)


Week of March 18-22

Great Depression/New Deal Computer Test 6d


(Thursday, March 21)

Weekly Question: Was the "Great Depression" preventable?  If so, how?  Explain.  If not, why?  Explain.  You must write at least 60 words.

(Due Friday, March 22nd)

Green-Folder Work: Create Great "Depression & New Deal" Crossword Puzzle
(12 total Questions with 6 Across & 6 Down)

(Due Thursday, March 21st)


Week of March 25th - 29th

Weekly Question: Why did, economically-speaking, "World War II" happen? Give at least four reasons while writing no-less than 60 words.
(Due Friday, March 29th)

Green-folder Work
Textbook page 167 Question 1
(Due Friday, March 29th)


Week of April 1-5

Weekly Question: What is a dictator?  What major countries made-up the "Axis Powers" during World War II?  Who were their leaders?  Identify the three worst of these World War II leaders?  Why did you pick them? Explain. 

(Due Friday, April 5th)

Green-folder Work: 
Textbook page 167 * Questions 4, 5 & 6

(Due Friday, April 5th)


Week of April 8 - 12

Green-Folder Work:
Textbook page 167 * Questions 7 & 8

(Due Friday, April 12th)

Weekly Question: What was Nazi Germany's "Final Solution?"  Explain.  What happened during "Kristallnacht?"  Explain.  Who had to wear a yellow "Star of David?"  Why?  What does the saying  "Arbeit macht frei" mean?  Where would you find the saying?

(Due Friday, April 12th)

Matching Vocabulary Quiz on WWII 

(Friday, April 12th)


Week of April 22 - 26

Weekly Question: Imagine if Nazi Germany had won the war, what would the world be like today? Would England, France, and the rest of Europe exist?  Would the United States still be here?  How would Nazi Germany treat the people of those conquered countries?  What kind of work would they have to do? What language would they speak?  


"SHOW & TELL" WWII Project on Friday, April 26th

Present project to class (2 Grades: one for the project & one for the presentation)

Keep going over your WWII Review Packet this week for test next week.

Green-folder Work: Complete 2 worksheets


Week of April 29th - May 3rd

Weekly Question: Define communism, socialism & capitalism.  What does socialism lead to: capitalism or communism?  Explain why?  What form of economy does China have?  What form of economy does France have?  What form economy does United States have?  Which one do you prefer?  Explain why? 

(Due May 3rd)

WWII Project due this Friday,  May 3rd

Green-folder Work due Friday, May 3rd

DBQ/A Test on Dropping the Atom-Bomb on Japan

Review Tuesday & Test Wednesday, May 1st 

Thursday, May 2nd 


Week of May 6 - 10

Green-Folder Work

(Due Friday, May 10th)

Weekly Question: What was the "Cold War?"  When did it start?  When did it end?  What two major countries did it involve?  Why did the "Cold War" end?  Do you think there will be another "Cold War?"  Why or why not?  Explain.

(Due Friday, May 10th)


Week of May 13 -17

Weekly Question: What was the "Cuban Missile-Crisis" all about?  When did it begin?  Name the 3 countries involved.  Name the leaders of those countries.  How did the crisis end?  Who was the winner?  Explain why?  How would you have handled the crisis?  Today, do these 3 countries get along?  Why or why not?

(Due Friday, May 17th)

Green-Folder Work: Class worksheets

(Due Friday, May 17th)

Week of May 20-24

Weekly Question:
What is "Globalism" when it comes to being an American?  List 3 good things about globalism? List 3 bad things about globalism?  Do you support globalism?  Explain why or why not?

Friday, May 24th Test on "Cold War" 8a-e (32 Questions Scantron Test) Go over your Review Packet & Actively participate in class time review games...good luck!

"Newseum" Field Trip on Thursday, May 23rd  


Week of May 27 - 31

Green-Folder Work :Turn in all class work-sheets

(Due Friday, May 31st)

Weekly Question: Who was Rosa Parks?  What did she do?   Did she act alone?  What did she accomplish?  What was her job?  Do you feel what she did was necessary?  Why or why not?  Explain.

(Due Friday, May 31st)


Week of June 3rd - 7th

"Monument Project" due this Tuesday, June 4th

All late work must be turned in by 
Tuesday, June 4th

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