Class Calendar

August 2018

Friday-31st (Code of Behavior Test)

September 2018

Friday-7th (States & Important Cities in America Quiz) 2a-c
Thursday-13th "Pop-Quiz" (States, Cities & Regions) 2a-c
Friday-14th (States, Cities & Regions Test) 2a-c
Friday-21st (13th, 14th & 15th Amendments Quiz) 3a
Friday-28th (Lincoln, Lee & Douglass Quiz) 3c

October 2018

Thursday-4th Unit Test on Reconstruction 3a-c
Friday-12th Westward Expansion Quiz 2a 4a
Friday-19th Westward Expansion Quiz 2a 4ab
Thursday-25th Westward Expansion Test Unit 4 (2a/4a)

November 2018

Thursday-1st Westward Computer Unit 4 Test 2a/4a
Friday-30th Industrialization (Rise of Big Business & Life on Farms) Quiz 4d

December 2018

Wednesday-5th DBA/Q Test (Captains of Industry vs Robber Barons) 4b
Friday-14th Computer Test Unit 4b & d

January 2019

Friday-11th Quiz on Spanish-American War 5a  
Friday-25th Quiz on Spanish-American War & WWI 5c

February 2019

Tuesday-5th Computer Test on Spanish-American War & WWI 5a-c

March 2019

Wednesday-6th  Computer Test on Roaring 20s & Harlem Renaissance 20s-30s 6a-c
Friday-15th Quiz on "New Deal" (Matching)
Thursday-21st Computer Test on "Great Depression & New Deal"
Friday-29th Essay Quiz on "Leading-up to WWII"

April 2019

Friday-12th Quiz on WWII Vocabulary 7a-c (Matching)
Friday-26th "Show & Tell" WWII Project

May 2019

Wednesday/Thursday-May 1st & 2nd DBQ/A Test: "Dropping Atomic Bombs on Japan"
Friday-May 3rd WWII Project (DUE)
Friday-May 24th Test on "Cold War" (Scantron) 8a-e

June 2019

Tuesday-4th "Monument Project" ©
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